Welcome to Herbal Phytotherapy

Welcome to Herbal Phytotherapy

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Herbal Phytotherapy is dedicated to offering you up-to-date information on herbs, their cultivation, organic growing, home usage, medicinal properties, and, besides many more, their connection to our bodymind’s health. In addition you will have the opportunity to take (hands-on) full month courses, workshops, purchase herb seeds and dried herbs in small bulk (Canada only), and participate in discussions all involving how to make your life thrive with herbs.

We also provide Gardening Consultation services for small gardens, maintenance calendars and plant selection for all your garden needs. Please see the Garden Consultations link under the Main Menu for further details.

We will bring you articles of herbal interest to help you learn the natural ways of herbs, how they speak to you, and how they can help you achieve a sense of well-being, direct from Mother Nature. This is a hands-on approach and we think that you will appreciate the many recipes, hints and useful information we will place at your disposal.


Herbal Phytotherapy owner Raymonde Savoie is a Plant Scientist Technician with over twenty-five years in the agriculture/horticulture industry. She earned her diploma at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 1996 and has since worked for various organic herb and small fruits farms, greenhouses and nurseries. She has given many informative seminars and workshops on herbs. She owns a physical Phytotherapy Herbalist and Consulting business, holds a certificate in Herbalism, and offers clients her horticultural, landscaping and gardening services.