Garden Consultations

Herbal Phytotherapy is available to locally serve you for all your gardening needs, whether you want to grow a small or a big garden, consult on a softscape landscaping project, or seek advice for a plant problem. I also consult on indoor plants, herb and potager gardens, and container gardening.

For all your Garden needs, I can help you with:

A New or To-Be-Updated Garden Design
Vegetable Gardening
Getting Started with Organic Gardening
Container & Patio Gardening
Annual & Perennial Border Plants
Herbal Gardens & Containers
Culinary, Aromatic, & Floral Therapy Herb Gardens
Plants for your Water Garden
Maintenance Questions & Concerns
Plant Pathology – What’s Wrong With My Plant?
Plant Materials Needed to Encourage Wildlife: Birds, Bees & Butterflies
Small Trees & Shrubs & Fruiting Plants, etc.

For all your Herbal needs, I can consult with you on:

Growing & Harvesting Herbs
Problems you may encounter with Herbs
Plant Selection for Your Special Needs
How to Use Herbs Safely and For Best Results
Herbal Use and Contraindications
Wild Herbs and Where to Find Them
Creating Your Own Herbal Home Remedy Kit
How To Make Teas, Tinctures, Powders and Using Bulk Herbs, etc.

You may contact me directly at: (506)988-2339

or via email:

I endeavour to respond to any query immediately, or within 24 hours. I’m looking forward to helping you with all your gardening and/or herbal questions and concerns.

Raymonde Savoie
Pl.Sc. Tech, Herbalist, Horticulturist
Over 25 years experience and training in the horticultural and nursery industries